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Comprehensive Litigation Support

Strategic Milestones in Legal Advocacy & Resolution

Pre-Trial Preparation

We assist legal counsel in case preparation with raw data consultations, demonstrative evidence preparation, trial graphics, and charts.

Deposition Testimony

Our experts are available for depositions, and their testimony is instrumental in explaining the findings and methodologies used in OCAT®‘s assessments.

Expert Witness Testimony

In personal injury cases, accurate and objective evidence is essential for achieving fair outcomes. OCAT® serves as an invaluable resource for legal teams by providing scientifically-based evidence of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Our expertise sheds light on how TBIs can be underrepresented, often leading to misunderstandings of their long-term impacts on clients’ lives.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Damages

We provide legal teams with defensible cost analyses with each personalized care plan. These cost analyses are prepared by Certified Life Care Planners (CLCP’s) to ensure their credibility and acceptance in legal proceedings. This step provides peace of mind that the cognitive and functional impacts of the injury are accurately accounted for in demand letters.

Educating the Jury

One of OCAT®‘s key contributions to personal injury cases is educating the jury about the nature and severity of TBIs from a brain-behavior perspective. This educational component is critical in achieving a fair adjudication. By presenting objective and scientifically backed evidence, attorneys can help jurors understand the profound and lasting impacts that TBIs can have on individuals and their families.

Negotiating Settlements

We arm attorneys with objective evidence and a thorough understanding of their clients’ needs, positioning them to successfully negotiate settlements that address the full extent of their client’s suffering and long-term care needs. Our comprehensive evaluations and expert testimony play a pivotal role in ensuring that clients receive fair compensation and support.

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At OCAT®, we are dedicated to providing legal teams with the resources they need to effectively advocate for their clients in personal injury cases. Our commitment to objective and scientifically-based assessments empowers attorneys to pursue justice with confidence. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your case.