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OCAT® TBI Program

Our unique value proposition lies in our specialized approach to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases. We recognize the specific needs and challenges of personal injury attorneys in TBI litigation and offer a tailored solution that addresses these directly. Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the injury, its impact, and its long-term implications, which are crucial for building a strong legal case.

Our Program
From Intake to Resolution
Our program begins with a comprehensive brain health assessment that is uniquely tailored to meet the evidentiary needs of personal injury attorneys. The multimodal assessment battery involves oculomotor tests, computer-aided neurocognitive tests, and brain maps. The objective data collected from these tests are crucial as they provide a robust and legally defensible foundation for evaluating the impact of the injury from a brain health perspective.
Once the assessment is complete, we prepare a detailed report of the results, linking the plaintiff’s functional deficits and symptoms to observed dysregulation in the test data. The OCAT® report contains graphic depictions of convergent validity of OCAT®’s multimodal assessment battery, which can be instrumental in convincing judges, juries, and insurance adjusters of the legitimacy of TBI-related claims and the need for adequate compensation.
Following the report, our experts consult with the injured party's legal representation to review findings and discuss their implications on legal strategy. These consultations are vital for translating complex technical information into actionable insights. These consultations are designed to ensure attorneys understand the full extent of the injury's impact, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding case strategy with confidence.
Care Planning
The next step in our program is personalized care planning. Using the findings from our assessment, we develop personalized care plans to provide the injured party with clear, actionable recommendations to remediate the impacts of the injury. With each care plan, we provide defensible cost analyses prepared by Certified Life Care Planners. This step provides a concrete basis for the injured party's financial demands, and contributes to the individual’s recovery journey by providing a documented strategy for addressing the injury's impact from a brain health perspective.
During this phase of the program, our personalized care plan is put into action. The protocols for each plan comprise a blend of therapeutic interventions designed to address known deficits and improve brain health.
Every step of the recovery journey is monitored and documented meticulously. This documentation serves as crucial evidence of the individual’s efforts and the interventions' effectiveness, which is critical in building a strong legal case that effectively illustrates the necessity of ongoing and future care needs.
Comprehensive Litigation Support
We provide comprehensive litigation support throughout the legal process, including pre-trial preparations, deposition testimony, and expert witness services. Our comprehensive approach ensures that the plaintiff has necessary support to present a strong, evidence-based case.

Promoting Legal Excellence in the Pursuit of Remedial Justice

OCAT®’s methodical approach empowers attorneys with the tools and knowledge needed to construct effective, evidence-based arguments, thereby aiding in the pursuit of remedial justice for affected individuals and their families.