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who is OCAT ® ?

OCAT® delivers integrated neurocognitive assessments for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in Personal Injury Law. We provide unique insights from our testing to assist the clinician and the client’s attorney in assessing the extent and nature of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Arguably, mTBI is the most difficult of all head injuries to assess. We invite neurofeedback clinicians to become an OCAT® Certified Clinician and to receive referrals for neurofeedback and neuromodulation therapy of our head injured clients. Personal Injury law firms throughout Texas are referring clients to OCAT® for TBI assessments. Clients go to an OCAT® certified testing location to perform the testing and assess-ments needed. The OCAT® assessment consists of an eye tracking test, a computer administered neurocognitive battery, and an Eyes Closed (20 min.) and Eyes Open > 10 min.) EEG recording. Once the OCAT® report integration team receives the data, we produce a report ensuring accuracy, integrity, and suitability for use in forensic settings to provide medical validity for these clients. The report will always include recommendations for neurofeedback and neuromodulation and other therapies to assist the client in recovering from their TBI.

Why become an OCAT® Certified Testing Location?

Our proposal is simple and mutually beneficial. We would like to refer our patients to you for a comprehensive 2-hour data collection session: a RightEye® eye-tracking test, CNS Vital Signs neurocognitive battery, and an EEG assessment. We believe that you are perfectly equipped to assess our head injured clients and to assist in their recovery. In return, we will pay cash for your services and your clinic will gain increased patient traffic, potentially leading to an expanded client base, and improved revenue. You will have no client acquisition costs and the client will be paying you for neurofeedback out of their settlement. Furthermore, your clinic will be associated.

OCAT® Certified Testing Location Benefits

Increased Client Base

OCAT® will refer our clients to your clinic for testing, thereby increasing your client traffic and revenue with zero client acquisition costs.

Enhanced Service Portfolio

By partnering with us, your clinic will offer a more comprehensive range of services, making it more attractive to potential clients seeking holistic care.

Collaborative Support

We are committed to providing ongoing collaboration and support, including technical assistance and patient education resources.

Brand Recognition

Association with the OCAT® brand will enhance the visibility of your clinic.

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Our Testing Process

From Start to Finish

Case Received
Personal Injury law firm sends over TBI case to OCAT®
OCAT® obtains referral from medical provider
OCAT® coordinates with Certified Clinician at neurofeedback clinic to get testing scheduled
Client has 2 hour testing performed with OCAT® Certified Clinician
Report is generated by OCAT® and provided to Law Firm

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an OCAT® Certified Clinician. Before applying, please make sure you meet the following prerequisites:

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